Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone is a naturally occurring sex hormone that is derived from the testicles of a biological male. Although males produce 20 times more testosterone than their female counterparts, testosterone is, however, secreted in small amounts from the ovaries (and adrenal glands) of biological females. In this post we will discuss testosterone and its role in men. Testosterone: More than just a “sex” hormone. Testosterone is both a hormone and a steroid and is responsible for the development of typical masculine physical features and characteristics, such as facial hair, a deepened voice, and increased muscle mass. Although testosterone is most often associated with sex drive or libido, it’s plays far more important roles than this. It is associated with the production of red blood cells and sperm in males. It is also responsible for a wide array of metabolic functions such as regulating muscle mass, strength, bone density, and fat distribution. Less commonly known influences of testosterone are the emotional and cognitive implications such as mood, memory, and motivation. Do you think you may have low testosterone?

While symptoms of low testosterone vary considerably from person to person, typical symptoms include:

· Low sex drive

· Erectile dysfunction

· Inability to produce or maintain an erection

· Softer erections

· Weight gain

· Depressed mood

· Fatigue

· Low motivation

What do you do if you experience symptoms of low testosterone?

There are so many options available for men dealing with symptoms caused by low testosterone. After a thorough health history and bloodwork is obtained by your provider, and you are deemed a candidate for testosterone replacement therapy, the best regimen will then be provided for you. Testosterone can be administered via injections, gel, patches, nasal, and pellets. If there are other conditions that need to be treated or corrected in addition to testosterone, those will be addressed as well.

At Restored Health, we believe that treating hormonal deficiencies plays a vital role in living a balanced and happy life, full of energy and vitality. Take back your health so you can feel your best! Call us or book an appointment for more information regarding Testosterone replacement therapy.

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